Every Saturday at 5pm Best Billiards LV, Welcome All Local &Visiting Players! $20.00 entry fee included one Beer, Coffee or Soda



WEDNESDAY: $300 Added
8-Ball on 9 ft Diamonds, Handicapped by House, double elimination, $15 Entry Fee.  Race to 4 on winners side, Race to 2 on the losers side.
Finals loser must win a race to 4, and a race to 2 to win.
7:30 Start time.

THURSDAY: $200 Added
9-Ball on 9-ft Diamonds, VBB Handicap System,
Single Elimination, $15 Entry Fee.
2nd chance bar box event, race to 3, one ball spot
per handicap game difference, finalists win cash prize.
7:30 Start Time

FRIDAY: $200 Added

10-Ball Handicapped by House, Single Elimination,
Race to 5, $15 Entry Fee.
Pros go to 7, A+ players go to 6, B- and
below go to 4. 7:30 Start time.

SATURDAY: $300 Added
One-Pocket, Handicapped, Single Elimination,
Race to 3. Handicap at discretion of Tournament Director, subject to change between matches (not during a match). $25 Entry fee, Start time 1pm.

SUNDAY : Billiard Three Cushion EVERY OTHER SUNDAY: Next event March 11th. First Champion: Alex Spino 3-Cushion Billiard Tournament
$20 Entry Fee, Starts at 1pm sharp.
Not handicapped. Round Robins Format.

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